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24 December 2005

Holiday Bombardment

I suppose there's always something about the holidays that feels like a downpour. This year it's even more so - with the recent family reunification here in Pennsylvania, the kids are everyone's focus (as it should be). At ages 6 and 4, they're everywhere all at once (also as it should be).

Our niece (age 6) is completely focused on all things princess-y or girly, and our nephew (age 4) has a super-hero alter-ego called "Fighting Robot." When I asked him what he'd asked for from Santa, the only thing I could understand was, "a Fighting Robot costume." When I then asked what such a getup might look like, he responded (as if I was a complete dunce), "It looks like a Fighting Robot." Duh, Aunt Jessie.

Tonight we're going to see Chris' sister perform in a church service (she'll be singing and playing clarinet, I'm told), and then tomorrow is the big day. Christmas day out here is a nearly all-day affair - stockings first thing, then a break for breakfast and getting cleaned up, then we start in on the under-the-tree gifts (and there's sometimes a break in there for lunch). I don't know what the remainder of our stay holds, though I'm hoping that the annual pilgrimage to local discount clothing store Gabriel Brothers is in the cards - I look forward to that all year long. No kidding.

Okay - I'd best be getting back to the action here. Happy Holidays, all!

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