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27 December 2005

The Contagious Meme Strikes Again

My friend Vikki says, "I had to do this to see if I could come up with 4 things for each." Clearly, she had some success. And while I have no idea what "chicken big mamou" is, it sounds... umm... interesting.

Four jobs you've had in your life: picking blueberrys (lasted 3 days), receptionist in dentist office, computer programmer, business systems analyst
Four movies you could watch over and over: Sound of Music, Out of Africa, Rear Window, Shawshank Redemption
Four places you've lived: Millville, NJ; Philadelphia, PA; Collingswood, NJ; Portland, OR
Four TV shows you love to watch: West Wing; Two and a Half Men; Globe Trekker; Sex and the City (new to me, never had HBO)
Four places you've been on vacation: Eastern US; Quebec, Canada; Italy; London, England.
Four websites you visit daily: yahoo mail, weather... that's it daily and even that is a stretch.
Four of your favorite foods: anything shrimp, chicken big mamou, ice cream, anything cheese
Four places you'd rather be: Positano, Italy; Kaui, Hawaii; Oregon Coast; San Juan Islands

And, because Chris was asking the other night, here's the definition of "meme."

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