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26 December 2006

The Holiday Midpoint

We're back from Holiday Phase I, and leave for Phase II tomorrow morning... We brought my uncle back with us, as we're all flying out tomorrow morning at about the same time, and he's now out for a walk. Chris is at the office, and I'm catching up on work in my "office" as well, at the same time as I'm doing a last minute load of laundry before repacking tonight.

It was a lovely holiday down at my mom's; it was low-key, like Thanksgiving was this year, and none of us ended up with tons of loot we don't need or have space for. Well, except for my nephew, of course, who raked in the gifts like they were goin' out of style. We've eaten like kings for the last few days, too, including a homemade French onion soup Chris made, and last night's prime rib dinner. Dee-lish!

So, once again, it'll be quiet around here until after the new year... I hope everyone rings in the new year in style - safely and in the company of loved ones. Chris and I could be in for quite a ride in 2007, and it starts next week. Could be interesting.

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