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13 December 2006

How Not to Spend an Unexpected Night Alone

Chris got called out of town on business today, and my friend Toni came over to utilize the laundry facilities. She's a big sci-fi fan, so the Sci-Fi Channel was on quite a bit. This is a channel I think is only on when Toni comes over. At any rate, for most of the day I was working in my office, so I wasn't watching TV. When we sat down to eat dinner, however, something was just starting that actually looked kind of interesting... And thus began the worst way for me to spend an unexpected evening alone - watching something mildly creepy.

It was the first three of a four-part series called "The Lost Room," and it's actually really good - very clever and interesting. Of course, it has its creep-o-riffic elements, so now that Toni's gone and I'm facing a night alone in the house, I'm wigging out. Lovely. The finale of the show is on tomorrow night, so Toni's coming back over to watch it with me. Because I have to know how it ends, and I can't watch it alone.

And yes, I'm a complete wimp.


Alessandro said...

wow.. the actress is Julianna Marguiles: do you remember the nurse of E.R. (emergency room) ?
ciao ciao

Jessica said...

Yes, we were commenting last night that neither of us can remember what she's been doing the last few years! She did a terrible movie after ER, and then - what?

Stephanie said...

she was Morgaine in a made-for-cable miniseries version of The Mists of Avalon several years ago. I caught part of it over Thanksgiving weekend - can't remember which station replayed it.