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19 March 2007

Causing a Cat Riot

I swear, officer, I was just making lunch.

I was leaving work today when I smelled something yummy. Someone was making tuna sandwiches, which I haven't had in forever, so I decided I had to make some for myself when I got home. I'd barely punctured the top of the tunafish can with the can opener when I heard a familiar noise behind me. When I turned around, Jasmine (the eldest feline in the house) was already circling my legs, tail in the air and meowing at me. This is, I'll remind you, after barely putting a hole in the top of the can. What kind of superpower sniffers do cats have, for pete's sake?

Anyway, she was doing her happy tunafish dance all over the kitchen (which includes, I might add, banging her head into the cupboards in ecstasy - I'm not kidding) waiting for me to dole out some tuna juice while I finished making the tuna salad. Then she pranced upstairs after me and slurped happily after I poured 1/3 of the juice onto her saucer. The other 2/3 went with me into the guestroom for the other two cats, who were waiting very impatiently at the door when I opened it.

Seriously, how can the cat smell the tuna when I've barely made a hole in the lid of the can? And how can the other two cats smell it almost immediately from all the way upstairs behind a closed door? I would envy their amazing sense of smell, but if I had the same thing I'd have to put up with the bad smells, too, and that's no fun.

(I should point out, for those of you who stumble upon this entry and think we're abusing animals by keeping them locked in the guestroom, that Jasmine and "the twins" don't get along, so we keep them separated at all times. Everyone gets equal time hanging out with us, and everyone's got cushy living quarters, so no one's unhappy. Just wanted to make that clear.)

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