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12 March 2007

Three Square at Saint Cupcake

Chris and I eat pretty well... Usually. We definitely like to indulge, though, and we both have a serious weakness for sugar. We'll take any excuse, therefore, for a stop at Saint Cupcake, and this past Saturday offered an excuse we couldn't pass up.

Saturday, you see, was a Day of Many Gatherings. In the afternoon we drove south to see my brother's new house - his first - and help him celebrate both his post-apartment days and his birthday with most of the rest of my family. (The other brother was absent, attending some silly car race in Las Vegas.) Our contribution to the potluck feast? A 24-count box of dots (those are the mini-sized cakes), which I planted candles in and made my brother blow out. A good time was had by all.

On Saturday evening we went for dinner at a friend's house to sample four different ways of eating the elk he'd shot on his property in SE Washington. We had elk sausage as an appetizer, two side dishes containing more elk sausage, and elk steak. It was all divine. And for dessert? A 12-count box of dots. No candles this time.

I think my favorite part about Saint Cupcake is that they manage to reduce grown-ups to children just by putting cake batter into a tiny paper container and covering it with heaps of icing. The mini-sized dots we brought to the gatherings we attended on Saturday were fun for everyone, ranging in age from eight to 71. Any dessert that can erase any sense of age completely is alright by me.

But I can hear you asking... "You said something about 'three square' in the title, though, and you've only mentioned two meals here." Yes, well, while we're not necessarily proud of this, we don't do it often enough to be all that ashamed of it either. You see, when we picked up all the goodies on Saturday morning, neither of us had had breakfast yet. So we each happily ate a regular-sized cupcake for breakfast. We each had our favorites, too - coconut cream for Chris, red velvet for me. Yum.

(As an aside, it wasn't until I went and fetched the website for Saint Cupcake to link to it here that I realized they've opened a second location! Must go visit...)

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