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20 March 2007

I get a summer break, too!

I've just heard from my "boss" at the community college where I teach, and I'll be getting a summer break of my very own. First she was asking if I could teach on Mondays (which I don't like to do), and then I asked whether it would be better to just take the summer off - she said that would make sense, because her enrollment hasn't been so good lately, anyway. And I'm completely relieved. It feels like I've been on a treadmill with the teaching since I started last winter, and even though I love it, it's been hard to give myself a break when I needed it. So, this summer break will be just what I need.

Here's hoping that by the time summer actually does roll around that Chris and I have some inkling of where we'll be living by the end of the year... In which case perhaps we can take off for a little break of our own. Either way, I feel like I'll be able to exhale a bit this summer, which will be nice. Yippee!

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