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16 April 2006

Easter, Shmeester!

(Apologies in advance to my observant readers; we're heathens, but we're nice heathens.)

We didn't have grand plans for the day, but we had plans. We got up at 6am - yes, for another bike race - and then at midday we thought, "Hey, let's go run some errands." Thankfully, I thought ahead and called the places we were thinking of going before we left the house... My ever-skeptical husband, when told why I was calling the stores in advance (um, it's Easter, dummy), scoffed. And, of course, everything was closed. We did end up doing some grocery shopping, so it wasn't a total loss, but still...

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vj said...

I started noticing all the closed for Easter signs on Friday, and by Saturday had totally whipped myself into a fury of "must go shopping now because I won't be able to tomorrow". Luckily, I realized I wouldn't die without buying new yarn... and after dim sum, we went to Powell's and bought too much anyways.