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26 April 2006

A New Way of Thinking About South Africa

When I was growing up, the words "South Africa" conjured up unpleasant images and (at least from what I saw) were almost always associated with negative news stories. Even though that all changed quite awhile ago, South Africa is still a place that - until recently, anyway - wasn't really on my travel radar. That was before I knew about South Africa Logue.

South Africa Logue is one of the newer websites in the BootsnAll empire, and it's already the place to go on the web for information about traveling to and in South Africa. South Africa blogger Ben Williams is an American who's lived in South Africa for nearly ten years, so he knows from what he speaks. (I also just learned he wrote a cookbook, which I'll have to point out to the chef in my house.) Ben posts travel tips about where to stay, where/what to eat and what to see when you're outside your hotel room. He's also got a tab for study abroad information, which is great - it's written largely by guest student bloggers who are studying in South Africa.

All in all, South Africa Logue is not only providing a useful resource for travelers wanting to check out the local scene, it's also helping to dispel all previously held negative images of what appears to be a truly beautiful country.

I can tell that this new job of mine is going to be a hazard to my "places to go" list - it's long enough already, dammit, but I'm happily adding South Africa to that list now.

Full disclosure: South Africa Logue is part of the BootsnAll Travel Network, my employer. As I learn more about the various resources in the Network, I'll post information about them here.

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