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01 April 2006

The Wisdom of William Bragg

William Bragg has posted so many things lately that I've saved, I'm dedicating an entire post to them:
  • For some reason I find these two stories (here and here) oddly related (though the second one is distinctly more hysterical than the first)...
  • Pandas are a trick?
  • This made me want to get a hybrid car even more.
  • I find this story really outrageous, and wish I could say it was hard to believe.
  • This was a whopper of an expensive burger. (Yes, pun intended.)
  • When I was in high school, a "Bible as Literature" course was offered for seniors by the English department - and I took it. I actually really enjoyed it, because we just talked about the stories as stories. As a result, I know quite a bit more about Biblical references in popular culture than one would expect a lifelong atheist to know. This, however, is another thing entirely.
  • I hadn't seen this before - but even if it's been widely referenced, it warrants being referenced again.
  • I think my British friend Matt might take issue with this.
  • I'll end with this one, which seems to embody the idea of a "slow news day."


Will said...

Ok, 'Wisdom' & 'William Bragg' in the same sentence - yes, Jessica you have mastered the art of sarcasm. ;)

I'm flattered, really.

One other thing - you left a comment about getting out for more photos, rather than just 'snapshots'. I was thinking about getting a few bloggers together as a meetup/photo-taking gathering. What do you think?

Will said...

(damn, double commenting...)

I can't believe I missed it before, April 1st and your post title. lol.

Jessica said...

I didn't mean it as an April Fools thing at all, Will, really! I didn't even remember the date until I'd already fallen for about three online gags... I'm so gullible... ;)