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25 April 2006

Le Frase Idiomatiche

Here are a couple more Italian phrases from our calendar...

Qui casca l'asino!
- has the meaning of, "Therein lies the rub!"
- literally means, "Here the donkey falls!"

Fatti furbo!
- has the meaning of, "Get real!"
- literally means, "Make yourself sly!"


Will said...

Now I just need to practice the correct pronunciation of 'furbo'. ; )

Jessica said...

"Furbo" is one of my favorite Italian words... For no reason I can think of, it reminds me of a stuffed animal. The good news is that it's pronounced just like it looks, so you're all set, Will. ;) Fatti furbo!!

Will said...

The funny thing is that I grew up hearing Italian fairly often. My Dad's mom emigrated from Italy (with her 8 brothers and parents) when she was young. My Dad understands Italian, but doesn't speak it. Of course there was quite a bit of bastardized 'restaurant - italian' spoken where I grew up. (that's the polite phrase for it where I come from - the common phrase is 'mafia-italian')