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21 April 2006

Tour de Georgia

I've been too busy to pay any attention to the Tour de Georgia, the week-long bike race in (ahem) Georgia taking place at the moment, but I'll note here that there are some American riders doing quite well. Floyd Landis (Team Phonak), who won this year's inaugural Tour of California in February, is currently in the lead after winning yesterday's time trial. Americans are in the top three places (Discovery Channel's Tom Danielson, who won last year's race, and CSC's David Zabriskie are in 2nd and 3rd place respectively).

The race goes through Sunday, at which point we'll finally get race coverage on television. I can obviously read the coverage online - we used to have no choice in the matter, as that was the only way to get cycling coverage in real-time - but now I'm spoiled with television coverage, so I find that hitting the "refresh" button to see the latest news tidbit just doesn't cut it anymore. And frankly, while I'm excited to have two week-long tours on U.S. soil now, I still get way more excited about the European grand tours.

Speaking of which, the Giro d'Italia begins on May 6th, and I'm looking forward to cheering my guy on to victory:

Hopefully Ivan Basso will be spraying prosecco from the victor's podium this year.
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Anonymous said...

What a cutie

Jessica said...

Yes, well, I have good taste. :)