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09 June 2006

Internet Wanderings for Internet Ramblings

It's been ages since I cleared out the stuff I've been saving in Bloglines. That's not because I haven't found things I wanted to pass along - far from it. It's because doing these "oh, lookee what I found" posts take time, and I've had not much of that lately. Tonight, however, I have some time. I'm going to turn off the computer eventually, curl up on the couch with my cats and watch a movie - but first, I'm emptying Bloglines.

You're excited. I can tell. So, without further delay...

(Well, okay, with one tiny delay. I used to have the blogs in my Bloglines list in alphabetical order by blog title, but when the list got so long as to require lots of scrolling, I put them in folders. So, they're all caddywhompus now. In other words, there's no rhyme or reason to the order in which I'm going to talk about them. And now...)

  • The Zagat people want your vote on restaurants in Portland, they've told the Food Dude. The deadline is June 18, so get your votes in soon.
  • ExtraMSG has part one of the story of Anthony Bourdain's visit to our fair city. I haven't read it yet (Bourdain's shows and books are really Chris' thing), but the picture is great.
  • Every single one of the posts at she who eats are accompanied by incredible pictures. For no reason in particular, this one really had me transfixed. I swear, I just want to eat the computer sometimes, the pictures look so good.
  • Damn Interesting has a few - this one caught my eye because of my dad's current condition (though as his cancer isn't of the lung this isn't so much helpful as it is just interesting); never a fan of math, I thought this one was particularly fascinating; and finally, I'm nowhere near interested in getting rid of men, and according to this one the idea is still pretty much science fiction.
  • Frytopia found a nostalgia site for Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, and I'm with her - I can't wait to go browsing through it. I remember so many nights sitting in front of the television with that show... Heck, I even remember the sponsor's theme song.
  • From This Modern World, two items from completely opposite ends of the spectrum. First, this is so sad I almost can't find words for it. And second, this had me laughing that weird laugh one does when one isn't sure of the sanity of the creator of the thing that one thinks is supposed to be funny but then on second thought is kind of wondering if it's supposed to be serious. That laugh.
  • James Tata posts an excerpt detailing what's happening in New Orleans. How quickly we forget, no?
  • I've been reading Ride My Handlebars for awhile now, particularly enjoying the posts about the toy horses that pop up now and again around town. Until I left a comment in one of those posts today, however, I didn't know there was any kind of "organized" effort behind the placing of those horses. (And I say "organized" with quotation marks because it's hardly a militant effort. You'll see what I mean.) Anyway, go check them out, it's a terribly cool idea.
  • And once again, William Bragg has made me click the "save" button more times than I care to admit. (I say "made me," like he's hovering over me as I read his site and forcing my finger onto the left mouse button, which he's not, but you get the idea.) This story is quite sad, considering I'd like to think we're past not understanding cultural differences. (Yes, I know, very Pollyanna of me.) Like Mr. Bragg says here, this isn't a surprise - but it's still irritating. This is an interesting list - I'm not sure I agree with all of it (in fact, I'm quite sure I don't), but it's interesting nonetheless, and kind of makes me want to create my own such list... Hmm... This one, well, I just giggled and got completely disgusted all the way through this thing - it's so vile, and yet you can't help but keep reading. This video is truly funny, but all I could think while watching it was, "Boy, I'll bet they were really sticky afterwards."
And that, my friends, brings us to the end of another episode of "What's Jess been storing in her Bloglines account under the false impression that anyone else gives a crap?" I hope you've enjoyed this round, and we'll see you next time! Bye!

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