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29 June 2006

Summer Hours

I've been at my wits' end lately trying to keep up to date with everything in my nutty schedule. The summer term began this week, which means I've got two nights of teaching each week plus the class I'm taking... And this is on top of my two part-time day jobs (which make up a little more than one full-time job). I've also taken on writing for a cycling blog, which, while a total blast, is really time-consuming and something I can only do in my free evenings (which I have fewer and fewer of). Plus I'm still trying to keep updating this blog as close to daily as I can, and I've got a lingering thought that I should be reading a little bit more about our vacation this fall - heck, reading anything at all would be nice, as I haven't had time to pick up a book in weeks...

Did I mention that there is, occasionally, laundry and grocery shopping to be done at my house as well?

All this is to say that, based on the suggestion of a friend, I'm going to adopt "summer hours" here at Andiamo. That doesn't mean I won't be posting at all, only that I won't make it my personal mission to update the site every day like I've been trying to do. I hope you'll bear with me and come back when my calendar clears a bit... Especially as I'm planning to do some honest-to-goodness travel blogging from our September trip.

I only wish that with these summer hours came a colorful beverage with an umbrella in it... Alas, I'd probably have to make it myself...

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