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13 June 2006

You Could Have a Steam Train...

Every so often we get lucky with the railroad crossing outside our window, when a steam train rumbles past. Usually we hear it too late, only in time to rush to the window and smile as it barrels through, but not in time to rush outside with the camera.

Until Saturday afternoon, that is.

Chris heard it long before I did, and even as I ran outside with camera in hand I was skeptical. But then the crossing gates went down and the steam train blew its whistle again, and I managed to snap a few pictures as it screamed past. On Sunday morning the same train has come by twice more, and I've watched from the window as other people hastily parked cars and ran up to the tracks to snap pictures. It's such a rare treat, I'm glad I finally have some photographic evidence of it. Next time I'll have to take a little video, as the best part of the whole experience is that sound...

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MojoMark said...

The train was heading down to the "Crusin' Sherwood" car show. It's the second year in a row that the train has been part of the show. Very impressive to hear that whistle, the thump of the drivers, and the raw power of old fashioned steam.