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16 June 2006

Is there room in my heart for another?

Generally speaking, there are a hundred things I'd rather do than watch sports - either in person or on television. I know plenty of people who will watch any sport that's on TV, from baseball to football to car racing to golf to - yes - bowling. Chris watches a good number of those things (no, not the bowling), and while I'm in the room some of the time, I'm usually doing something else.

As many of you are aware, there's one glaring exception to the paragraph above - and that's cycling. I love it unabashedly, and now after a decade of following it (albeit at arm's length) I'm even writing about it on that new Tour de France Logue I mentioned awhile ago.

Now soccer is threatening to creep into my hemisphere, at least temporarily, because of the World Cup frenzy in my office. Half of my co-workers are in Berlin for the duration of the tournament, blogging about the games and the experience, and the rest of the gang is watching at least one game a day on a gigantic television that just happens to be in my office. (Poor me.)

I not only finally understand how a 0-0 tie game can be deemed "exciting," I'm beginning to get some of the rules. The other day in the office, someone asked about how the group play was scored, how teams got to the next round. I spit out the answer without thinking, even using the phrase "aggregate goals" like I knew what I was talking about. I did make the disclaimer even then that basically all that was happening was that I had heard that said and was merely regurgitating the statement.

That's when I remembered something - that's how it started with cycling.

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