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05 June 2006

Two Blogs? Why Not?

Because I didn't have enough going on in my life already, I'm now writing for two blogs. It's my own fault, really, as I practically begged to be allowed to write on the 2nd one, but still. I should have my head examined (except, you know, I don't even have time to do that).

Y'all know my fondness for cycling (and certain cyclists). Well, one of the new travelogue-blog hybrids that my employer is testing is the Tour de France Logue. It's not being made terribly public at the moment, as it's just now getting populated (and only by me so far), but I thought I'd let you kind folks know about it since it's unlikely that I'll be writing much cycling-related stuff over here anymore. Except, of course, for the occasions in which I need to gush overtly about My Boyfriend, which Chris rightly pointed out I probably shouldn't do on the other site.

For those of you who aren't cycling enthusiasts, be warned - I'm not rushing to Wikipedia anymore to define things like peloton and maglia rosa. If you have questions about terminology, let me know. But just be aware that the new site is aimed more at people who already have a basic understanding of the sport.

Having said that, I do hope some of you will find it interesting and informative. I'm doing it in my "off time" (whatever that is), and I'm trying my best to find the interesting and relevant stories out there. And at the moment I'm having fun with it, which is pretty much the most important part.

Well, that and sleep. But I'll get to that later.

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