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22 June 2006

Italian Potluck

We've been taking Italian classes for several years now, and those of us who are beyond level three end up accumulating in the "advanced" classes... We all take them over and over again, the same people signing up for essentially the same class, but since it's always the same gang the teacher will change the lessons according to what we want or need. It's a pretty nice system.

The other nice thing is that most of the students know each other pretty well now, too, since we've been seeing each other in classes for years. Consequently, at the end of most terms, we get together for a potluck of some kind. The potluck for the end of the Spring term was a few weeks ago, and I'm just finally getting around to posting them...

We ate outdoors - al fresco! - in the backyard of two classmates of ours, and then two others (on the right) - the musical ones - sang a few songs for us in Italian. Not a bad way to spend an evening.

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Michael said...

Are the singers named "Meyer" by any chance? They sure look like Mathew's brother & Sister-in-law.