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18 August 2006


I got a postcard in the mail last week from my Aunt. Emblazoned across the front of the card was my name (in a glittery ink, no less), and on the back was the meaning of my name... In Italian. My Aunt recently visited Tuscany, and found the card there. It reads:

Dall’ebraico “Yehayagem,” Dio è la mia forza. Donna ribelle e decisa, ama il confronto e molto difficilmente si arrende di fronte alle avversità.

The translation that I'm getting (for those of you out there who don't read Italian) is that Jessica is from Hebrew and means "God is my strength." Jessicas are rebellious and determined women who love a challenge and hardly surrender in the face of adversity.


Maybe those are Italian Jessicas. This one might be a smidge rebellious at times, but usually she's pretty well-behaved. And the whole "love a challenge," "hardly surrender in the face of adversity" stuff - yeah, that's not so much me. I'll say it, because all y'all out there who know me are thinking it, so I might as well get it on the table...

At any rate, it was a fun translation exercise.

(Thanks also to Alessandro for his assistance with the word I couldn't figure out! Nice to have friends in Italian places.)


otturatore said...

mandi boo-boo :-))))

Jessica said...

Oh, great...