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15 August 2006

Portland Twilight Crit

Last Friday night was the 5th Portland Twilight Criterium, and the second that Chris would ride (he rode the 1st as well). It was also a chance for me to play a little more with my new toy. I got a bajillion photos, most of which are crap, but there were a few I was really happy with.

On the start line, Chris' group lines up to receive their instructions. Chris is the one wearing the Finnegan's jersey and the massive grin.

Chris' group rides away from the start.

I don't know who most of the people were that I got in the pictures I took. I'm hoping Chris does. The only one I know here is Chris himself, 2nd from the bottom.

The night didn't end as well as it began, unfortunately, as Chris crashed about a third of the way from the finish line on the last lap. He's very, very lucky he didn't break his collarbone, so we have that as a consolation. What he did end up with is a nice case of road rash down his left side and a "second degree AC separation," whatever that means. He is, of course, not going in to get it x-rayed. In fact, he even raced last night...

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