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21 August 2006

Movin' On Up

I helped a dear friend move house yesterday, so she can begin school up on pill hill in a month. There were lots of stairs on both ends and my legs are still achy, but she's a minimalist, so we were done by noon. The sad part is that she's moving to a spot that's farther away from me (she used to live three minutes from my house), and that she's giving up her car and so will be less able to get together... The incredibly wonderful news is that she's going back to school to do something she loves, and she's worked her tail off for the last few years to get to this place. I almost can't believe it's here, the time when she's done with her dead-end job and will get back to using that amazing brain of hers... I'm really proud of her, and excited to see what the next couple of years bring for her. And I think I'll be happy to hop in my car and go get her, so if she thought that by moving up to the hill and abandoning her car she'd get rid of me, she needs to think again.

Hearty congrats, T, you deserve all the fabulous things that will soon come your way.

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Michael said...

I'll second that!!!