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24 August 2006

Peace, Man.

Here's something odd... As I was driving from job #1 to job #2 today, I was first in line as I pulled up to a stoplight when the driver of one of the cars turning left into the lane next to me flashed me the peace sign. What's odd about that, you ask? Well, he looked directly into my eyes as he drove his van around the corner, holding his fingers in that upwards "V" the whole time, as I grinned stupidly back. If he'd come from behind me, it would have made more sense (says the girl with all the lefty bumper stickers on her car), but from the front? I'm still baffled. The cool thing about it is that it kept me smiling for an hour afterwards, and kind of made my afternoon.

So, to Mr. White Van Guy, whoever you are - peace.

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