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19 August 2006

Sending Mom Off to Africa

My mother leaves for Rwanda tomorrow morning, so she drove up to Portland tonight and I met her downtown to have dinner with her, her coworker, my brother and his fiancee. We ate in the fabulous Italian restaurant in my brother's building, Cafe Allora, and I even got to whip out a "piacere" to Paolo, the owner/chef. Nice when that kind of thing comes in handy.

Anyway, Mom packed and re-packed her purse a couple times at the table while we waited for our meals. She's not a relaxed traveler - well, she's fine once she's on the trip, quite independent and able to roll with whatever happens, but beforehand she's going over her plans and all the things she needs to do repeatedly. My brother and I took to mocking her (good-naturedly), which amused us at least.

Mom and her coworker will go on to Tanzania after a week in Rwanda (the Rwanda portion of the trip is for a work project, Tanzania is for fun), and then will be home. They return two days before I leave for Europe, so at least I'll get to talk to her before I go. The picture sharing will have to wait until October.

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