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29 January 2007

Catching Up With Conor

It's been awhile since I've had the time to really pay attention to what Conor's doing, and even longer since I've reminded all of you what he's up to. He's moved to Kathmandu and opened a children's home, and he's also back from his first trip into the poorest region of Nepal in order to find the families of the kids they're rescuing from the child traffickers. It's all amazing, and when I caught up with his blog and newsletters yesterday I was just in tears in front of the computer...

If ever you're looking for a good cause to support, I'll put in a good word for Conor and his NGO, Next Generation Nepal. What he's doing is absolutely inspiring, and it makes me really proud to think that I've contributed at all to the successes he's already had. To catch up in just a couple of posts, here's the one about his trip into Humla (the poorest region of Nepal) and here are some photos from that trip. The shots of the women in the villages are just stunning, and the pictures of the parents seeing their children's faces for the first time in months (if not years) are tear-jerkers. Be warned - have tissues handy, and be prepared for your heart to expand a few sizes.

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