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10 January 2007

Saying Goodbye to Fur People

It wasn't looking good at Christmas when we last saw my mom's pair of 20-year-old cats - Bear had recently gone stone deaf (or nearly so) and was at six pounds (down from a lifetime high of close to 20), and Winken was having trouble moving around much and was hardly eating - and she weighed less than the other one. Mom had taken Bear to the vet last week and found out she probably was going through kidney failure. She'd gotten quite immobile in the last few days, had stopped eating, and last night her breathing became more and more labored.

Well, this morning my mom had them both put down. I talked to her last night and this morning - she was crying both times, as was I. Even though the brain knows that they had good, long lives and were loved and that this was the right decision, the heart still aches. For my part, I gave my trio of fur-children a little extra love last night and this morning. I know the day will come when Chris & I will have to go through what Mom just went through (and has had to do before with other cats), and I'm dreading it. Without children to compare it to, the cats are our children - and it's just awful to consider life without them.

So I won't. At least not right now.

If you've got a fur-person (or feather-person, or scaled-person for that matter) in your life, give them an extra treat or hug now and then so when the time comes for you to part ways, the only thing in your heart will be grief and not guilt as well.

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vfscotti said...

So sorry for your Mom's (and your) loss. Having gone through the loss of a can in the last year, I sympathize. Just remember, though they are gone from your arms, they will always remain in your heart.