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03 January 2007

Back at Work, and Buried

Naturally, the whole being-on-vacation thing leads to more work upon returning from said vacation... And the holidays are no different. So, I'm back at work today and playing catch-up - not to mention that this is the busiest time of year anyway. I'll be posting more about this when it's official, but there are a couple blogs for which I'll be writing sometime in the next month or so as well. All this to say that I'll probably be writing here less.

I did do a smidge of housekeeping here, though, in that I cleaned up the links menu on the left - I hadn't paid attention to it in ages, and it was pretty out of date. The list of blogs I read has shrunk considerably in the last year as I don't have the time to read them anymore, so you'll note the changes there as well.

So much to do, so little time... Ah, well, at least that will never change. I suppose, in a way, that should be comforting. It's not, but it should be.

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