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22 January 2007

Sia - "Colour the Small One"

There was a time last summer, I think, when I heard Sia's haunting "Breathe Me" and had to have it. Had to. It was a need, you see, not unlike breathing or eating.

At any rate, I'd been sustaining myself with that song ever since - until Christmas, when Chris' sister kindly gave me a copy of Sia's "Colour the Small One" CD, which includes (but is not limited to) "Breathe Me." I've been listening to it on repeat, non-stop, for the last week.

It's a lovely collection of songs, ones that somehow continue to sound new and wonderful to me even after repeated listenings. It also has two remixes of "Breathe Me," a song I think is the very definition of perfect in its original incarnation, and yet the remixes don't annoy me. They're quite different from one another and from the original (except for the use of the same vocal track for all three versions), and offer completely different takes on the song.

What I'm saying here is that if you don't already own "Colour the Small One" and you have any affinity whatsoever for "Breathe Me," get the album.

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