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12 January 2007

Expat Efforts: Phase One

Okay, who am I kidding? The title of this post makes it seem like there's some kind of road map here which one can follow and find the key to a foreign apartment at the end of it. Fat chance. Suffice it to say I feel like even with all the research in the world, this will feel more like a case of good or bad luck than anything else.

Chris returned from Las Vegas yesterday, so our version of Phase One starts now - he'll finish working on his resume (his first update in nearly a decade, I think) and then get it translated into Italian. He's found a few jobs in Italy listed online that he'll be applying for, and we'll both start reaching out to the people we know who might be able to help with information or contacts or both.

On the language front, I began teaching this term's level one class on Wednesday and on Thursday Chris & I went to the conversation group Chris was a part of last fall. It's a good group, and I seriously need to get back into speaking and thinking in Italian - I'm already feeling what little skills I had begin to slip, and that was only after taking five months or so off. Not good. The conversation group should help me feel like I'm not losing it entirely. At least I hope it will...

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Vicki Jean said...

Wow, Jessie, you go! This is very exciting, the expat efforts. And your language skills will come back. You haven't left them sit long enough!