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05 January 2007

I Wish I'd Patented This When I Was Twelve

Except back then none of them internets existed, so it wasn't possible.

Anyway, the "it" I'm talking about is communicating with people via their license plate numbers - which apparently is something people are doing now (I feel old when I hear this stuff and raise an eyebrow, like, "is that what the kids are doing these days?"). When I was 12 or thereabouts, I thought it would be genius if we could talk to other people based on our license plates. Of course, at that point I was thinking more along the lines of the plate numbers being phone numbers of some kind, and yes, at that point getting in touch with someone via their license plate would have meant writing it down, pulling over to a rest stop and using a (choke, sputter) pay phone. But still. I'm glad to see someone's finally using my grand idea.

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