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16 January 2007

Light Flurries? Not So Much.

My husband is, at this moment, outside shoveling not just our driveway but the driveways of all our neighbors. He's spent the last hour or so shoveling the main drive into our complex, and is now working on each individual mini-drive. I also watched him help a woman walk down the slippery street to the complex next to ours. He's earning all his Good Samaritan points for the year today.

They closed our road this morning after cars were sliding trying to get up it, and running into one another. The sand truck came through, which only means there are ball bearings on top of the sort-of-compacted snow. I didn't have to go anywhere today, but I have two reasons to leave the house tomorrow - I guess we'll see what it's like by then.

I took some pictures of the snow and the resulting chaos, but will have to wait to upload them until I have a bit more time to spend doing "fun" things instead of "work" things at the computer.

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