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06 January 2007

New Avenues

So, I spent most of yesterday afternoon and today getting a few posts into one of the new blogs I'm going to be writing for... The other one has a few posts, but it needs more work. Despite their newness, I'm going to post links to them here so y'all know where I am when I'm not here.

First up is the Cycling Logue - some of you may remember last year when I stopped writing most cycling stuff here and was writing for the Tour de France Logue. Well, I managed to convince my boss that a logue devoted to more than just one race on the calendar would be much better (not to mention easier to sell ad space for), and voila! Cycling Logue was born. It's a slow time in the cycling season right now, which is why the logue is a bit sparse at the moment (I only got started on that one this afternoon). I'm hoping to spend more time with it this week to get at least a few things going in each category so that bloody "Help Wanted" post can go away.

Next up is the Italy Logue - I'm extremely excited about this one, and it probably shows in the sheer number of posts that are already in it! I'd been collecting useful links in the weeks prior to the logue going online, and was eagerly awaiting the day when I'd get to start writing it... I think I'm going to have to make writing those posts my end-of-the-day rewards when all the rest of my work is done, or I'll spend all day writing Italy posts and get nothing else accomplished! In addition to the newsy bits, I might also go back to my trip notes from the three times I've visited the country, and talk about my experiences there. It's such a popular tourist destination, and I think I've managed to figure out how to do a few things more efficiently there, so that seems like a good thing to pass along.

At any rate, I'll be busy populating (as the kids say) those blogs for awhile, so if you haven't seen me 'round here for a few days, check those links to see what's been on my mind! I'll add them to the links at the left soon, too.

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