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19 January 2007

Pictures of Snow

Originally uploaded by andiamotutti.
This was the view from our living room, looking up the hill, on the morning the snow first started falling. The two cars in the distance are stopped on the sides of the road, abandoned, because the hill was too steep for them to go any further. The SUV that's in the foreground was just turning around to go back the way it had come. They closed the road not long after this picture was taken, and it never did get plowed - the snow just finally melted enough on Wednesday night that the road was visible again.

I only took a few pictures, but you can see them all here.

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Anonymous said...

what's an HTML tag???? Ohh well... Brava Gessica! Belle foto... ma la foto del fiore e' un po' triste....certamtente come tu hai voluto.... di piu'! :) Massimo