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16 June 2005

Back to Business

I'm finally all caught up reading Conor's blog (you have no idea how long that took - unless, of course, you're Chris and you experienced me carrying around the laptop like a dog-eared book for the last two weeks), so I'm back to thinking about this blog. To that end, here are some pictures from Dad's 70th birthday party on the 11th.

There were balloons hanging all over the place that had "70" written on them... And then, because Dad's an engineer working with more engineers (many of whom were at the party), there were a bunch more balloons that had various odd equations which I can only assume added up to 70. Gotta love engineer humor.

These days it feels like we have to take advantage of every opportunity where my brothers and I are in the same place at the same time and there's a camera available. To that end, this is me with my two brothers, and then with Dad thrown in for good measure.

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