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06 June 2005

Hit me with your best shot(s)

Well, I told Chris that now he has to take me to China, cuz I got two vaccination shots today... One for Tetanus and one for Hepatitis A. I'll go back in six months to get the second Hepatitis A shot. I also got prescriptions for malaria pills (apparently Suzhou is in a province with malaria problems) and another "just in case" I get the kind of "Montezuma's Revenge" that comes with fevers, etc. (from e coli, or something like that). The shots weren't nearly as bad as I thought they'd be, though I'm thinking my shoulders will be sore later. (And the nurse expertly maneuvered around my tattoo for one shot!) At any rate, now that I've had the shots, I'm not staying home. Are you kidding? Needles for nothing? I don't think so.

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