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20 June 2005

Band Reunited

On Saturday the three other members of the band I once sang for came over for dinner. It'd been awhile since I'd seen a couple of them (at least five years in one case), and even longer since all four of us had been in the same room at the same time.

In the pictures below, from L-R: Rob (drums), Mark (bass), Ken (guitar), and yours truly. Ken's friend Juliana came, too, and as she's a photographer, we have her to thank for the pictures below. And yes, Ken is always like that in photos.

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victoria said...

It's good to see you all togehter again, even if only for a picture. I do wish there was more music coming our way, but *sniff*, alas, there is no more....at least I can say I'm the proud owner of a CD! :D

M said...

nice pics :-)