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02 June 2005

What's four cups among friends?

I'm not known for my cooking. That's Chris' turf. There are a few things I make well, and my asparagus soup is one of them. I look forward to asparagus season simply so that I can make this soup and freeze it for those long asparagus-free winter months. I set out this evening to make the first batch of 2005. Sadly, I left my brain elsewhere.

I'd asked Chris to get me five cups of chicken broth, as per the recipe. He returned last week with two containers of broth. He said, "This'll make four cups, so just add a cup of water and it'll be fine." Fair enough, good plan. Until I dumped it all in the pot and then thought, "Hmmm - that looks like an awful lot of liquid..." It was only then that I actually looked at the measurements on the containers and realized they each contained four cups... So instead of the five cups of liquid the recipe called for, I'd added nine.

Yes, it tastes just as bland as it should, considering.

My plan, sucky as it may be, is to make an asparagus/leek (the other ingredient you can't taste) puree after the market this Saturday and add it to this stuff. And we'll see. If it really is horrid, I'll bite my lip and dump the lot. I hope I can save it, or I just might cry...

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