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23 June 2005

Dragonfly: Questions Answered

I love the Internet. Yesterday afternoon I Googled "dragonfly" and found these folks. I emailed them the digital pictures of the visitor we had, and got a great reply. I'm told that what we had on our hanging basket was probably a teneral (young) Rhionaeschna multicolor (Blue-eyed darner), and I found this picture of an adult on the website:

Rhionaeschna multicolor - male, photograph by Greg W. Lasley Posted by Hello

I'm also told that whatever it was, it was "certainly teneral, and that is why it stayed perched in the same spot for so long." I did get some really lovely shots yesterday with my SLR, which I will scan this afternoon (I hope). It's too bad it wasn't an adult - I love that blue head! - but the only reason it stood still long enough for me to get as many pictures as I did is because it wasn't an adult. It was pretty cool either way.

(Oh, and he wasn't there when I got home from work, so I'm really glad I stopped long enough yesterday to get pictures!)

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