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13 June 2005


Saturday was Dad's 70th, and his wife had planned a surprise party for him. I was convinced he'd have figured out something was up by Saturday, but he doesn't have a suspicious mind. When he arrived back at his house, he was genuinely surprised. The bagpipes playing, "Happy Birthday" finally gave it away as he walked around the garage... (His first comment was, "I didn't know you could even play "Happy Birthday" on those things!" Frankly, neither did I.)

The best part of the event, from my perspective, was that I had been able to find a long-lost friend of Dad's (Google is amazing, really), who was able to come to the party. Dad looked like he had a blast. Oh, and his favorite present - I kid you not - was the cane someone gave him. I swear, I think the person who gave it to him thought of it as a gag gift... But Dad immediately gushed over it. There's nothing like having no shame. Way to go, Pops.

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