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16 June 2005

Hot Flashes

My endocrinologist is messing with my thyroid medications. Okay, perhaps "messing with" is a bit strong, given that he's the expert. Whatever, the end result is that I'm having freaking hot flashes at age 33... Last night in conversation class I was roasting. Walking out, I said to Chris, "Wow, was it hot in there, or was it just me?" I expected him to agree. Instead, he looked at me sideways and said, "Uh, it was apparently just you." At 10pm I wanted to eat dinner on the balcony to get some air, and despite the late hour I was still too warm outside. I have six weeks to be on this new strength of medications before my next appointment, by which point I hope I'll either have gotten used to it or he'll say, "My, that's really the wrong dosage, isn't it? Let me fix that for you..." In the meantime, I'm praying for cold weather.

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