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27 June 2005

China: Tentative Itinerary

So, I've sent off our tentative itinerary to Nina. Here 'tis:

Sept. 16-18: Shanghai
Sept. 19-20: Suzhou
Sept. 21-23: Xi'an
Sept. 24-26: Beijing (flying home on the 27th)

Man, it's a big country... Picture from here Posted by Hello

I'm excited to hear back about hotels, guides, transportation, etc. I've printed this itinerary out on a calendar, and just having done that it feels more real. My Type-A side (which is threatening to take me over entirely) is very happy with the calendar, as it means we're no longer talking about this nebulous trip that seems only to exist in a vacuum.


cadmaven said...

Remember that Jews can eat Pork, if it's in Chinese food.

Chris said...

You mean there's a Type B side somewhere in there?!? Yikes, I'm organizing a search party...

Jessica said...

For those who don't know, the first comment is my dad, and that's one of his favorite sayings. And the second one? Haha, very funny, Chris. Remember, someone has to be the organized one in the family...

victoria said...

Keep up the great work, Jess....us type A's have to stick together! ;)