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08 June 2005

My Fifteen Minutes of Fame

(Well, at least a few minutes of my quarter-hour, anyway...)

Last September when Chris & I went to Europe with my mother, we rented a car. We had some problems with the bill when we returned the car at the end of the trip, and I sent an email to Christopher Elliott (the trip-fix guy from National Geographic Traveler magazine). Much to my surprise, he not only responded, he fixed the problem. We never saw our story in the magazine, and didn't think anything more about it. Until today!

I vainly typed my own name into Google to see if this lil' blog would appear (it does, via ORBlogs), and found this article. I guess being vain was a good thing - at least today.


cadmaven said...

I just love reading your "stuff" and keeping up with your daily activities. Do you have a Leica Camera that you can use for portraits?

Jessica said...

Do I have a Leica camera?!? You're funny. I'm still afraid of it. I'll get over that, I promise. Why would the Leica be especially good for portraits?