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03 November 2005

Brownie - Still Being Paid

The fact that this man is still on the public dime is really outrageous to me. Why isn't the press reporting this? He's been made a joke, even by his former boss Chertoff, and yet he remains on the payroll. What gives? Couldn't his paycheck be better spent in, say, the 9th ward?

KATRINA -- BROWN'S EMAILS SHOW OUT-OF-TOUCH FEMA DIRECTOR: Emails turned over to Congress by the Homeland Security Department show just how out of touch former FEMA director Michael Brown was during the Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts. In the emails, "Brown discussed his appearance, his dog and his public image as the government's relief effort unraveled after Hurricane Katrina." On the morning of August 29, the day Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, Brown wrote his colleagues about his wardrobe, stating, "I am a fashion god," then joked, "Can I quit now? Can I go home?" Two days later, after a FEMA regional official sent him an urgent email describing a situation on the ground that was "past critical," Brown's response was, "Thanks for update. Anything specific I need to do or tweak?" Brown was advised by a colleague, "In this crisis and on TV you just need to look more hard-working ... ROLL UP THE SLEEVES." In an appearance before the House committee in September, Brown defended his actions. "I get it when it comes to emergency management, I know what it's all about," he said. "I know how to do it, and I think I do a pretty darn good job of it." Despite his resignation announcement on September 12, Brown continues to be on the federal payroll.

- Taken from today's American Progress Report

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vj said...

I just read that last night. I'm just dumbfounded. Beyond dumbfounded. It just makes me sick.