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16 November 2005

Learning Something

I got the word yesterday that I'll be teaching two sessions of level one Italian next term (Monday and Wednesday nights). I'll also be attending a class as a student (Tuesday nights), so I'll have three nights a week of Italian. If I don't come out of the winter term with a better handle on the language, that will be a sad state of affairs, indeed...

Adding a second level one class certainly adds to my workload, in that I'll have twice as much homework to correct each week, but at least I'll only have to design one program. The bad news is that the Monday class is only 8 weeks long instead of 10 because of Monday holidays in January and February, so the Monday students won't get as far as the Wednesday students. But I suppose it all works out one way or another.

My hope is that it doesn't all go completely pear-shaped so that I feel confident enough to teach level two in the spring. We'll see...

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