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04 November 2005

An End to the Bachelorette Life

Chris comes home tomorrow, thank goodness.

I swear, I used to be able to take care of myself - but after 9 years of living with Chris I find I'm either unable or unwilling to cook for one. (Yeah, I think it's the latter, too.) I stay up way too late doing nothing (and by "nothing" I mean watching television or surfing the Internet). It's pathetic. I'm usually okay if he's gone for a couple days, but anything over four days and I revert back to my inner caveman. Pathetic, I tell you.

Anyway, he called me at 9 this morning (1am Saturday his time) to say he was all packed and ready to go, and that he'd taken a whole bunch of pictures that day - so there are Shanghai pictures to look forward to. Aren't you excited? I know I am...

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