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17 November 2005

Loose Ends

We leave for California tomorrow morning, so it's unlikely that we'll be posting anything until next week when we get back. Just so you know.

In other news...
  • Construction work on our decks will begin on Monday, which is a huge relief after nearly three years of lawsuit and negotiation. The last few weeks have been busy with details, and I'm just so, so glad it's finally coming to the actual work.
  • I'm typing awkwardly with a brace on my left wrist today - my stupid ganglion cyst is acting up (which it does periodically). I know these things can be removed, but my one experience with being operated on (my tonsillectomy in 2001) was so un-fun that I'll do pretty much anything to avoid going under any knife ever again. Stupid ganglion cyst will just have to be dealt with another way. (In other words, I'll continue to try to ignore it.)
Finally, I mentioned before the artist films my mother produced. Mom called this morning - one of the artists, Roy Setziol, died last night. She adored him, and saw him almost every week since she first met him. I'm sad for her, and at the same time so pleased that he lived long enough to be captured on film - and then to see the finished piece, which he loved. He's incredibly vibrant and animated onscreen, and it's wonderful that the film will live on for him.

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