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02 November 2005

Halloween Pumpkin Pictures

Here are the important pictures from my Halloween - the pumpkins, of course!

Here's my pumpkin in the light (remember, this was my inspiration). The mini pumpkin is actually a little squash, I think. I bought it because it had a good nose. I mean stem.

Here are all four of our carved beauties - mine is on the far left.

And close-ups of the gourds. I can't wait until next year...


vj said...

Oh, I love it. Dual pumpkin (okay squashie type things) action!! Yours totally turned out cool - really impressive. I wish I had thought of that!

cadmaven said...

Great carving!!! Miss Letha got a "York Peppermint Batty" in her trick or treat bag and when I tried to find out about it I got a Candy Blog that had YOUR polka dots as a background so I thought I came to you via a new route.

Jessica said...

VJ - I can't claim to have thought of it myself, as you'll se by the link to my inspiration. I really do want to try it again next year and see if I can do it better. It really was fun to do!