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27 November 2005

A Thanksgiving In Pictures

We're back home again from my mother's house in the woods, and I once again have access to a high-speed connection. That dial-up thing my mother uses is frustratingly slow (wow, did we all use that at one point?), though frankly with her remote location I'm not sure she's got much of a choice yet.

At any rate, here are a few pictures from our Thanksgiving festivities yesterday:

A few family friends (the family we've always spent holidays with, sometimes referred to as our "chosen family") chatting in my mother's "great room" before dinner. Mom built the great room as an addition last year, and this was our second Thanksgiving in it. She's not kidding when she tells you this holiday is pretty much why she built the addition at all. That and the new deck outside is a perfect stage for her marimba band.

A panoramic view of the holiday tables

And, perhaps my favorite picture of the weekend, my plate (before I added a drizzle of gravy over basically everything) - the food was fabulous, and I'm almost hungry again just looking at this picture. I've made this shot the wallpaper on my laptop, which I'm sure to change when I realize how much I'm drooling on the keyboard...

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