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07 November 2005

Portland in the New York Times' Travel Section

A friend sent me the link to this article, and I'm having mixed reactions. While on one hand, I'm usually glad when Portland gets recognition for being the incredibly cool city it is, I'm also feeling like if the word gets out too much it'll turn into something else. As I read the list of things to do, see, and eat, I was torn between protesting when I thought they'd ignored something that was better (or praised something mediocre) - and letting sleeping dogs lie.

I wasn't born in Oregon, though I've lived nearly 2/3 of my life here, and I've been known to be an unofficial delegate of the state's tourism bureau. There are times when I've waxed poetic about Oregon to anyone who would listen. And there are still people for whom I'd offer the best suggestions. But for the masses, I'm starting to change my tune. I'm finding myself becoming more and more the kind of person who'd prefer to keep those places local. I like to think that means I'm becoming more of an Oregonian, perhaps in a way even Tom McCall would have liked.

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