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22 November 2005

Getty Center

Between visits with relatives on Saturday, we went up to The Getty Center - we only had about an hour and a half, so we didn't really go inside any of the indoor exhibits. We just stuck to the gardens, and even limiting ourselves to that I felt rushed.

(L) The little girl in the picture was so cute - she kept running up and down the beautifully manicured (without feeling stuffy) lawn shrieking. In a good way. (R) Deep in the garden, a lovely orange flower against a trellis and the clear blue sky.

(L) All thanks to the polarizer for the exceptionally blue sky here - though it was pretty blue already, it's getting a little leg up... (R) Perhaps my favorite of the bunch - primarily because of the color of the grass and sky.

(L) Chris gazing out over the skyline... (R) The sycamores look almost fake with their smooth bark. I love this picture.

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