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27 May 2005

Basso: Rockin' the House

Yeah, had it not been for whatever tummy bug he had a week ago, Basso would be winning the whole damned race - he won today's time trial. And as you can see from the picture, he gets a fantastic maniacal grin on his face when he's working hard. You can't tell if he's smiling or grimacing, but either way it looks badass...

"The Smiling Assassin," as the Italian press are calling him, in May 27th time trial (photo from Gazzetta dello Sport online) Posted by Hello

The Giro goes into the mountains one last time tomorrow, and then rolls into Milan for the ceremonial last stage on Sunday. That means two things - for racing fans, it's another weekend glued to the television and OLN's coverage; for folks who have been confused by all this cycling mumbo-jumbo, it means a return to your regularly scheduled non-cycling programming (both on OLN and this blog!).

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